A fun game for kids but also an interesting and relaxing game for adults. The game is as simple as its plot in which Red Ball tries to prevent evil minions to squize the planet into a square. This is a game for Android, but you can also play it in your browser.

The game is graphically simple but it definitely does not hurt. Children will like it and this is the main target group. After all, my own son brought me to this game and the game caught me right at the beginning. The game is divided into five epizods with 15 individual tasks and you gradually open next by finishing them. In the case of a paid version, besides the endless number of lives (to repete tasks) and no ads, they also open all the tasks and you can play any one.

Red Ball has three lives in each task and if it loses them the task needs to be repeated. But be careful on sharp edges and water. Falling into water or touching sharp edges means losing all three lives at once and repeating a task from the beginning or the last safepoint you’ve gone through. The goal of each task is to reach the goal by filling simple brain teasers of the type where to jump and where to move to make the journey relax. The right timing is needed too. The game looks simply but sometimes isn’t, especially bosses at the end of each episode are difficult.

You can check out the first video of playing this fun game here:



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