The opening episode which is the easiest and introduces the game and its controls to players. Most players will not have a problem with this episode and the final boss fight should not be too complicated for most of them. There are only basic enemies that can be easily skipped and left them behind or can be easily destroyed by a single jump on them. It is almost same with simple brain teasers and its timing – you can go through it in a few seconds.

The boss at the end of this episode is more or less a larger square, but it is vulnerable only when it has yellow eyes. So beware of the red eyes, it’s not a good idea to jump on it at that moment. When the boss left half of his lifes, he calls squares for help. Overall, the first episode can be finished in half an hour including a fight with the boss.

The first part of the episode “Green Hills” – levels 01 to 08:

The second part of the episode “Green Hills” – levels 09 to 15, including the final part with the boss:

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