Red Ball 4 – Bosses fights

Probably the last post and the video for this game, which can be done from the beginning to the end in a few hours of playing. There are some places where I got stuck for a moment during playing and other players may got stuck too, but overall it is a simple game that will [...]
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Red Ball 4 – Into the caves

Red Ball goes into the caves in the last, fifth, episode. As in previous episodes, there is also a new type of enemies that are similar to exploding squares from the third episode. The difference is that these new exploding squares spines will fly out into the neighborhood and each contact will cost you a live. [...]
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Red Ball 4 – Battle for the Moon

The squares moved to the moon and dominated it after defeat in the third episode. So, the fourth episode takes place on the Moon. In addition to the basic enemy squares a new type of enemies appear - electrifying squares. You will lose all your three lives, when you touch them. But they are dangerous [...]
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Red Ball 4 – Box factory

In the third episode, we'll see Red Ball in the square factory. Ninja squares are no longer there, but there are exploding squares that are quite unpleasant. When you get into contact with them, they will explode and you will lose all three lives. When approaching them, they will come out against you and start [...]
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Red Ball 4 – Deep forest

Red Ball goes into a deep forest in the second episode and there are besides the basic enemies known from the first epizode Green Hills, even more harder ninja squares and circular saws. Ninjas are able to jump as high as Red Ball and when you get in contact with them, you  will lose your [...]
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Red Ball 4 – Green Hills

The opening episode which is the easiest and introduces the game and its controls to players. Most players will not have a problem with this episode and the final boss fight should not be too complicated for most of them. There are only basic enemies that can be easily skipped and left them behind or [...]
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Red Ball 4

A fun game for kids but also an interesting and relaxing game for adults. The game is as simple as its plot in which Red Ball tries to prevent evil minions to squize the planet into a square. This is a game for Android, but you can also play it in your browser. The game [...]
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Current feelings of playing

Lately, I've got mixed feelings from Project Cars 2. Whether from online racing or from a career. As I have already written in the opening post about Project Cars 2 about career difficulty setting which is useless because it matters a lot on weather conditions. In addition, the last two or three online races the cars behaved good [...]
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Knockhill International

The first of the circuit I am going to write about is Knockhill International. I chose this circuit as a test circuit for testing cars and setting them up because it is quite short - 2.092km and with most of cars it can do it under one minute, so I know if I managed to [...]
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Project Cars 2

The first game I'm going to write about is Project Cars 2. As the name suggests, it's a racing game/simulator. Mostly it is about racing on circuits, but the game also includes rallycross. The game offers both multiplayer and single player with own career. I bought the game mainly for multiplayer, but the singleplayer has [...]
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