For change, I’ve raced with older racing techniques again. This time with the Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32), which is also called “Godzilla”. He gained the nickname because of his dominance in race category A. I was very curious about Skyline and I was not disappointed. It is really powerful and fast. It can defeat anything in its category. But it is not easy to drive this car, just like Caterham Seven 620 R.

It was a wonderful race and I wasn’t bored. Most players are used to drive GT3 or LMP1 cars and cars similar to them. They are modern cars, where modern technology, like assistive systems, can help to save some crisis situations. The Skyline has none of them. It is certainly interesting to see how we will handle these older cars. Spin outs and crashes are expected.

Technical parameters:

Engine:2.0L R4
Maximal speed:249km/h

Long Beach Street Circuit

This time, it has become incredible to real. I won the qualification and started from the first place. Well, as usual, after the first turn and the big mass accident I moved to the fifth position. At the same time, almost all racers got used to theirs cars and I may have made a mistake by setting turbo pressure to its maximal value. I used all cars horsepowers and noone was able to keep up with me. Unfortunatly cornering was something else. The car was understeering at the beginning of a turn and at the moment when the turbo start pressing, the car was oversteering. Overall, it was very difficult to solve crisis situations with the car. For the next time I would let the turbo presser on its standard values.

At the end a low-fuel light flashed on me and I had to slow down a bit to finish the race without a pit stop. One rival used it and overtook me. So, I lost a beautiful third place and finished fourth. I was a little bit sorry because I had a lot of fuel to finish it without slowing. Damn low-fuel flashing light.


Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32) na okruhu Long Beach Street Circuit:


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