Today we are going to look at another interesting car – Caterham Seven 620 R. I raced two or three races with this car and again I was not bored. Although it is a new car, it has no assistance systems, not even ABS. It is designed for pure driving pleasure. I can confirm I have enjoyed it. The performance parameters are perfect and there is no competitive car in the whole “Road D” group for it. No other car in this category was enough fast to defeat it.

On the other hand, handling this racing car was not easy and I sometimes felt like it was trying to kill me. After all, in most articles about the real Caterham Seven 620 R, you will learn that it requires a lot of courage to drive it. Its performance is out of mind and the car has a tendency to oversteering, when the rear axle is lightened by track terain. However, I enjoyed races famously and I made some interesting videos full of duels, drifts and accidents as a bonus.

Technical parameters:

Engine:2.0L R4
Maximal speed:249km/h

Brands Hatch Indy

The first race took place at the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. I had to get used onto the car a little and view from the car was limited by the “inside” rearview mirror that was fixed in the middle of the dashboard because of the absence of the roof. But I got used to it after a few laps. The qualification did not go well for me, as ussual, and I qualified at the eighth place. Some good guy pushed me out of track in the first turn, so I found myself out of the track and fell down to the eleventh place.

A fighting ride started. I managed to get over the first opponent after a few turns. He/she drived another car from “Road D” category and it only proves that there is no other competitive car in the “Road D” category for the Caterham Seven 620 R. It wasn’t easy to catch up other racers in Caterham, but by a fast ride on the edge, I managed to make it to the final sixth place. It was a great race with lots of overtaking and duels. I even drived the car on two wheels in the ninth lap in the third turn (time 07:10).


Caterham Seven 620 R na okruhu Brands Hatch Indy:


Oulton Park International

In the second race, we moved to Oulton Park International. I’ve already got used a bit to the car, so this time I qualified as the fifth. The first half of the race was rather quieter and it was not very interesting. In the second half of the race I made a couple of mistakes and I lost several position. At the end I managed to finish as the seventh. But that didn’t change the fact that I enjoyed racing with this car.

I have prepared three videos from this race – the first one is a trackside view with a smaller window containing a VR view from the car, the second one is a separate VR view and the third one is a separate trackside view. I would be glad, if you to let me know, which type of videos you like the most. You can post your choice in comments or in the survey, which is in the first video (time 00:20).


Caterham Seven 620 R at Oulton Park International – Trackside view with VR view from the car:


Caterham Seven 620 R at Oulton Park International circuit:


Caterham Seven 620 R at Oulton Park International circuit – Trackside view:


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