Oculus Rift + Touch

I admit I had hesitated for a long time before I bought virtual glasses. It was partly because I was quite skeptical about the whole virtual reality. Finally, thanks to the summer event in 2017, after a lot of read reviews and a huge discount, I decided to buy Oculus Rift + Touch. And I [...]
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Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari edition

Today we look at the Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel. There were only two variants available at the time when I bought the wheel  - the blue and the Ferrari Edition, which is red with the Ferrari character. Steering wheels differ only in appearance, the technique is the same. At the time of writing this post, [...]
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Dell Precision Tower 5810

Which else to begin with in the hardware category than just the computer where the videos of this blog are taken and processed to the final form. It's not a gaming machine, in fact it's the office hardware. But do not be fooled by the office name because it is a powerful machine that can [...]
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