I admit I had hesitated for a long time before I bought virtual glasses. It was partly because I was quite skeptical about the whole virtual reality. Finally, thanks to the summer event in 2017, after a lot of read reviews and a huge discount, I decided to buy Oculus Rift + Touch. And I am glad for it.

Oculus has two lenses at a resolution of 1080×1200 and a total resolution of 2160×1200 and refresh rate 90Hz, so I definitely recommend downloading software on the manufacturer’s site before buying to verify the compatibility and performance of your computer with Oculus requirements.

Although the resolution is high, in fact, the lenses are very close to the eyes and the individual pixels are observable, but you will frankly register it only for the first few seconds and then the virtual reality will draw you so much that you will not even notice the pixels. At least it works for me. On the other hand, the WOW effect of the first start of the Oculus and the introductory entry is enormous and unforgettable. 3D is coming to a new level where you really feel the virtual world as a three-dimensional. You can just turn your head or move your body and the Oculus sensors will make you move even in the virtual world. All the time I had an American smile on my face and was excited as a little child.

The Oculus glasses also feature surround headphones. I had not really believe in the surround headphones and its sound until I tried this one. I was very surprised to know where is the source of sound coming from in a game.

Oculus Touch

Besides glasses and two motion sensors there are also comming two Oculus Touch gamepads that replace the original Xbox gamepad. One for each hand. Virtual reality is a little further away with these gamepads. Imagine that you can see your own hands in the game that you can close, open and point exactly where you want. All this is possible thanks to Oculus Touch.


So buy or not buy? I’m sure to buy and I know from my own experience that even people who are not the electronics enthusiastic are impressed when they put on Oculus glasses. In my opinion, this is a good-quality hardware that does not spoil. My Oculus works as a new one after a year of using it.

But watch out for some action games. I almost broke my spine while playing Robo Recall by trying to turn into direction of the robot shooting me to my back.


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