Lately, I’ve got mixed feelings from Project Cars 2. Whether from online racing or from a career. As I have already written in the opening post about Project Cars 2 about career difficulty setting which is useless because it matters a lot on weather conditions. In addition, the last two or three online races the cars behaved good in qualifications, but in the races not. Cars behaved quite differently and were oversteering. You can see cars on theirs limit almost in every corner on the video below . I almost left track at least twice in the first lap. But the other players had full hands of work to stay on track and the discussion at the end of the race was “interesting”.

Another thing I don’t like is the “Community Time Trial” where you’re trying to get the fastest time on one lap. I wanted to make a video with Mercede-Benz CLK-LM on the circuit in Brno with good time in the GT category and to my surprise I found that one of the fastest times was taken by a person playing on the gamepad (assuming there is no mistake in the game and shows the fact). I think there are two possible reasons for such a good time. Either the man is a really great driver or he had turned on “Opposite Lock Assist”, which should help players with a gamepad or a keyboard. The picture below shows its description.

Doufal jsem, že v komunitním “Time Trial” budou veškeré tyto asistenty včetně “Steering Assistance” a “Braking Assistance” vypnuty a zůstanou povolené pouze autentické asistenty pro každé auto/kategorii (ABS, TC, …). Obávám se, že to ale platit nebude, protože ani u jednoho z asistentů nebyla zobrazena poznámka jako u nastavení “Rules & Penalties”, která říká, že toto nastavení neplatí pro “Time Trial” a komunitní události (online závodění). Obrázek se zmíněnou poznámkou v angličtině je níže.

I hoped that all these assistants, including “Steering Assistance” and “Braking Assistance”, will be switched off and only authentic assistants will be allowed for each car/category (ABS, TC, …)  in “Community Time Trial”. I’m afraid that this is not the case, because there is not a note like in “Rules & Penalties” description which says that this setting does not affect “Time Trial” and community events. An image with a note is below.

There is a promised video on which you can see how most of players have problems to stay on the track.

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