Lately, I’ve been gathered some gaming videos that I did not have time to post on this blog. Most of them are gameplay videos of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. So it’s time to look at these videos and get closer and see what are they about. After the first episode of Emerald Hill, which was quite simple, the episode of Chemical Plants follows. This epizode is a little more complicated. I had quite big problems in the final fight with Dr. Robotnik, but after many fails which are not on the video, I beat him. At the end it wasn’t so difficult. The key to successfull was to risk and attack him right at the beginning.

The next epizode after the Chemical Plant is the Aquatic Ruin. Overall, It was slightly easier than the Chemical Plant and it took me considerably less time. On the other hand, it was more fun. Final duel with Dr. Robotnik was especially interesting because Sonic must jump on the arrows stucked in one of two pillars and than jump on that pillar to be able to attack Dr. Robotnik.

Gameplay video of playing epizode Chemical Plant:


Gameplay video of playing epizode Aquatic Ruin:


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