Lately, it looked like there was nothing new on the blog, but the opposite is true. There are many changes and news behind. In addition to comments feature recently added, I also worked on a mobile version with support for Active Mobile Pages (AMP) site. Why Mobile version with AMP Support? Based on traffic statistics, I found that 97% of blog visits come from mobile devices and the average page load time is around one minute. This is really a lot and my goal was to shorten the page load times. I would not wait a minute to load the page.

AMP is Google’s initiative to speed up downloading of websites on mobile devices with slower Internet connections. You can go to the AMP version of the blog by clicking on “Mobile Version” in the Menu or by entering the URL in the browser. The AMP version of the blog is, of course, available on other devices, but it does not always appear completely correct. It does not work best with too high resolution, but in most cases, it is enough to shrink the browser window. Alternatively, you can return to the classic version of the blog.

I hope you enjoy the mobile version of the blog with  AMP. I will continue to improve it.

There are some of videos currently with missing post on the blog:


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