One of my favorites and mostly used cars in online events (most online events are in category GT3). I can get my fastest lap times in GT3 category right with this Ferrari and be competitive in a strong online competition. It is not the most powerful and even not the lightest car of the GT3 category, but it is more manageable. At least for me it is. I am able to win some points in online events and I have managed to get back to the level of around 1500 points with this Ferrari.

Technical parameters:

Engine:4.497L V8 90°
Torque:700Nm při 6000rpm
Weight:1 265kg
Maximal speed:303km/h


Video from online race on track Watkins Glen International GP:


I’m certainly not the only one who has this Ferrari as favorite GT3 car. Most of cars in the starting field are those Ferraris. I can definitely recommend it to everyone who starts because it is very easy to read this car on the track.

It feels home on technical tracks thanks to good stability and cornering, but also depends on the rider’s setting and experience. Sometimes it may seem slightly understeering, which does not necessarily hurt, because the more experienced driver can use trail braking technique to send the car exactly where he wants.


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