At the start of the race, I had no idea what waited for me in this race at the Monza circuit. I started from the fourth place and right after the start I fell to the seventh place – the last one. It confirms me that the qualifications and starts of races are not my strengths. So, I had to fight and gradually got my lost position back. Unfortunately, the night was comming and after a few laps raced in the dark a fog appeared followed by a heavy rain that no one was ready for – we all had slick tires.

The cars tended to bouncing even on the straights because there were lots of puddles on the track. Some of racers made pit stop, so, I moved to the second position and thanks to the driver before me, which made a fault, I got to the first position right after the first chicane (at the end of the finish line). I was wondering about made a pit stop or risk it and finished the race with soft slick tires. Finally, I decided to made a pit stop. Unfortunately, I found out that the tires were not changed or the behavior of the wet tires were almost same as the original soft slick tires. I didn’t feel a change.

Thanks to the pit stop, I moved back to the fourth position. I tried to overtook the third position, but I got the left wheels too far to the edge of the track (maybe even off the track) and got the skid at the exit of the second chicane. Finally, I was glad to defended my fourth place. In any case, it was an interesting race full of reversals.


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