Last weekend I came across an interesting online session with experienced racers who can punish the slightest mistake. There were several races in the session, but two of most interesting races were with BMW M1 Procar. It is a racing car from 1981, so it is a fair piece of racing engineering without assistance systems such as ABS, traction control, etc. This fact makes it clear that there will be many crisis situations and wheel contras will be on a daily basis.

Technical parameters:

Engine:3.453L L6
Weight:1 020kg
Maximal speed:333km/h

Silverstone International

First of all, we took BMW M1 Procar to the Silverstone International circuit (the first video). Again I was confirmed that I can’t drive qualifications. So, I started from the fifth place (overall we were nine). After qualification, two players left the race and seven stayed. But still it was an exciting race full of overtaking and interesting moments (in other words, racers mistakes). Looking back on the video, I have to adjust the amount of racing mistakes to huge.

On the other hand, the other racers made some mistakes too. So, I managed to get to the fourth place thanks to it and well planned pit stop. It could have been a better position, but it was a great and exciting fun for me.

Sakito Sprint

After the Silverstone race, we headed to Japan and the Sakitto Sprint circuit. I had already got used to a car and my driving skills grown and I managed to qualicate as the third, which was a nice result in a tight competition. I got onto the second position after the start, but I made one mistake by shortening the track in the first corner, so I had to fight to get back onto the second. There were no change in the order (at least in my position) and managed to take me to the beautiful second place.

For a while, I tried to fight for the first place, but it was quite risky, so I tried to keep the second position. I was rewarded with reaching the safety index “S”, which I could not get for a long time.

BMW M1 Procar at Silverstone International circuit:


BMW M1 Procar at Sakitto Sprint circuit:


BMW M1 Procar at Sakitto Sprint circuit – Trackside view:



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