EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is a game about war spaceships full of air combat. You should be prepared to dieing. Because you will and a lot. But you do not have to be worry, because pilots are clones and you will go back to the battle until its very end. EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is primarily designed to play with virtual glasses Oculus Rift, but you can now play the game even without them. Unfortunatelly, you will lose a great experience from a virtual environment. Not to mention the loss of automatic aiming in the direction you look at.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone offers great graphics including effects. A fair amount of maps/battlefields on which battles take place and thirteen war spaceships divided into four categories – assault, heavy, support, and covert. The advantage is the support of lots of game devices from keyboard, gamepads, Oculus Touch up to joysticks. The last category mentioned is a category for itself. Playing this game with joystick is a great experience and is even better in combination with Oculus Rift.


A little bit worse is a singleplayer game where you can choose from several modes. For most players, only Survival mode will be likely to be interesting. There is only one target in this mode. Shoot as many enemies as possible in incoming waves at selected battlefield. You don’t shoot in other modes, except training, and you have limited freedom of movement overall. This is more about the introduction of battlefields. After all, the game is primarily aimed to multiplayer.


EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is mainly aimed to multiplayer, which, unlike singleplayer game, offers much more action and you can play several online game modes – Team Deathmatch, Control and Carrier Assault. In addition to these three modes, there is also a relic delivery mode in the game, but on the official site of the game I did not find a reference to this mode.

Team Deathmatch

A basic multiplayer mode in which two teams fights against each other. Each team has a limited supply of clones and the team that depletes all clones loses. Each time a team member is shot down, the team will lose one clone.


Based on the basic mode of Team Deathmatch, with the difference that there are three checkpoints on the battlefield that need to be controlled/hacked. Hacking is done by using drones. Just get near to the checkpoint and, when you are close enough, drain the drones. The more you control these control points, the more you exhaust the enemy’s resources and win. You earn points for destroying enemy drones. You get points even if your dron participated in hacking the checkpoint.

Carrier Assault

This mode is based on the previous Control mode but by controlling the control points you disrupt the defensive shield of an enemy aircraft carrier and you can attack its cooling towers. Time when defensive shields are off is limited, so try to be aim precisely. If you destroy all cooling towers, you can attack the core of the ship and destroy it. The team which destroyed the enemy airplane wins. When time expires and none of the ships is destroyed, the team which damaged more the enemy ship wins.

Relics delivery

In this mode, a relic appears somewhere on the battlefield, and your task is to pick up the relic and deliver it to target at a different place on the battlefield. The team which delivered six relics wins. If time expires, the team which delivered more relics wins. You earn points by delivering relics.


With EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone you certainly will not make a mistake. Especially not, if you own Oculus Rift, for which the game was originally developed. I played the game with Oculus Touch at the beginning, but I missed the accuracy, so I bought the “Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X” joystick. The resulting effect was great. Automatic aiming with Oculus Rift glasses and high precision and thanks to joystick. Just awesome experience.

The huge advantage is that you can simply use multiple control devices at once if needed. You can use an joystick to play game and you can use the mouse or Oculus Touch in the menu. On the other hand, I would appreciete more speed control. The game offers only three levels – standard speed, slow and fast. At the same time, I would love to be able to choose the game mode in multiplayer mode. Game joins me to some multiplayer session and I almost even don’t know which multiplayer game mode it is going to be.

One of my first gameplay videos:




  • Playability
  • Graphics
  • Gaming devices support
  • Virtual reality


  • Flight speed control
  • Missing option to choose multiplayer modes
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